Oh, hey. Hi!  How are you?  Let me take your coat cause you’re probably going to want to stay awhile.  Hi again.  How’s it going?  Fancy a drink?  Did I tell you that I’m planning a wedding?  My own.  Yeah, I know.  As soon as I got engaged, I rushed out and bought the biggest La Mer eye cream jar I could find.  Nothing is sadder than a bride with eye wrinkle issues. Fun fact: my fiance is vegan.  But he buys rib eye steak for the dog, so it’s ok for us to trust him.  Anyhow, have we met?  Hello!  Sit back, relax and watch me as I craft with the budget of a homeless person after a liquor run, cook like a carnivore living with a vegan and plan my dream (as well as your’s too, probably) wedding.  And take off those shoes. These are hardwood floors.

60 thoughts on “About

  1. Just came across your blog – it’s fantastic! Some of the ideas you have are incredible! Do you ever offer opinions/advice/tips for people’s homes, too?

    Keep up the fab writing! 😀

  2. Just happened on you from Apartment Therapy and I was hooked! Not just your style and great recycling sense, but love your wicked way with words!

  3. Just found you through apartment therapy…
    Love your blog….. Great writing.
    If you wrote a book.. I would buy it
    and enjoy it.
    keep up the wonderful writing.

  4. Just found your blog from Apartment Therapy. Great ideas! Are you by chance a ten? Do you listen to TBTL? Your wit and thrifty shopping made me think that maybe you were. 🙂

  5. Love all your ideas. Came across your site via Apartment therapy. FYI, your small white desk in your apartment was probably a vanity table at one time with fold-out arms which would have had a skirt attached.

  6. Like all the others, I found your blog on Apartment Therapy & like all of the others I love it! You’re like a young version of me but with a great writing style. I have a loft in Tribeca that I have lived in for 35 years & have pretty much furnished it with thrift store finds, street finds & friends art work. Next time you visit your sister, I would love for you to come by & visit & stay for tea & cake! Keep writing!

  7. I believe your blog is one of the very best !! Had my first look at it today while looking at the do over in NYC of your sister’s apt. Love all your info and hope it will help me get moving on the stuff I keep collecting and leaving on shelves and in boxes. 🙂

  8. Great Blog! Great ideas, wonderful photos and actual spit out my coffee funny writing. Not many quality design and lifestyle blogs have such complimentary writing, so thank you for your original voice. Now let’s see some wedding planning! (no pressure or anything;)

  9. Another one from AT here.
    Ok- you’re just amazballs. If you ever feel like visiting Alaska *hint* I would be more than happy to hire you to decorate my house. I’m adding your blog to my daily read list because, besides it’s fantastic nature, a girls got to have something to do at work.

  10. Found your bolg from Apartment Therapy, too. Love your ideas for your Seattle apartment and
    your sister’s place in NY. I guess our Goodwill sends all the good stuff to NY or Austin because
    I never see anything like you do/found, here in Portland, Oregon. Or maybe I don’t have your “eye”. Looking forward to following your blog.

  11. Hi,

    You have a GREAT decorating blog. Amazing job! You know you could turn this into a custom decorating business yes? I live in the Bay Area, am house-hunting with my hubby, and would so love to pick your brain about color/idea/craft projects. Anyway, if you ever want spare cash/to work for yourself, I think you have a future here. Enjoy Seattle!

    • Thank you so much for the boost of confidence! I started off doing it on the side, because it was something that I love doing. Over the years, it’s become increasingly profitable and luckily, I am still as passionate about it as I was from the start. And I love the Bay Area! It was a toss up between living in Seattle and that, a year ago. We’re extremely happy with our choice but love visiting SF every now and again.

      • Great news. Well if you ever have a Bay Area ping me and maybe we can talk about a project. Have fun with your future work!

  12. I discovered your blog just the other day from Apartment Therapy and it has quickly jumped to the top of my list. You are amazing. I thought I did a good job decorating my place but your blog has me about to completely redecorate my tiny Seattle Studio. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • i am currently finding a little studio to stay for a year or two, i cant wait to shop and do a bit of transforming to my little future finds like you do. i love the way you yap along and the way you teach, well, more like just seriously telling us your steps. all so logically done. <3<3

  13. You have such a great eyes for potential! It’s a rare talent to be able to see how things can be (and what they will look like). I really enjoy your writing (I find you really really funny) and the : this is what I got and this is what I made from it. I have an old Davenport that I love. I want to transform it in a vanity but I am absolutely terrified of ruining it. (I am the kind of person who takes 2 years to decide on a wall colour and goes for bright white… In my defence, I love white.). Thanks for sharing your ingeniousness and creativity. I look forward to reading more! Thank you.

  14. Apart from wicked craft/styling ideas, you have a rare writing-wit that keeps me smiling/laughing/reading! Love from the other side of the world (Western Australia), Hui

  15. Love your blog and your ideas. I am an interiors designer, currently on a sabbatical. I have just shifted to Oregon from India and find this rental apartment so bleh! Desperately looking for inspiration to transform this space into ‘home’

  16. Found you through Apartment Therapy, and since then, been obsessive over your blog pages.
    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! If I were to send you some room photos (“befores”), would you be interested to send me some ideas/inspiration photos? I would be so grateful!

  17. you are really great. Your writting is fresh and witty. You can turn any ordinary situation into an adventure. The vegan is really a lucky guy. You should marry at least a couple of times per year. (it doesnt matter the grooms’ diet). By the way I wouldnt have placed the burlap in your sisters’s kitchen. Nice but not very convenient.

    • Aw, thank you for the kind words! I relayed the message to my sister and her response was “Eh, I don’t cook anyhow”. Her idea of cooking is to open up a can of corn and add salt and pepper. And yes, we come from the same parents. I don’t know how.

  18. i love your blog! have you got married yet!? I recently got engaged too and im always up for advice/diyweddingproject/ideas and feel like you would have some great insight! i subscribed to your blog and cant wait to hear more.

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